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Jeff Parnell is first of all a Thief and a Liar. He also is the Owner of Repair Your Image. Jeff Parnell is a *** Man who gets close to the Owner of a business and then when the time is right he steals the business. He has done this three times in the past including to his own brother in law and his wife's Family.

Guthrie Lumber had been in business for more than 20 years and is owned by Jeffs in laws. Jeff Learned the business from the Guthrie's and then Opened a competing business Next to them causing the end of his wife's relationship with her family.. Jeff Then proceeded to have a Sexual Relationship with one of his Employees right under his wife's nose who also worked there. He had two others that I am aware of after being by his wife the first time.

Jeff Has repeatedly cheated on his wife and stole from people as he pretends to be a great Christian and goes to church every Sunday although he is not there for religion. He goes to church to try and make business connections. I think god has a special place for people like him.

He is working on a new MLM scam called Nexcel Debit Card which again will probably take in millions from people before it folds without paying out a dime..

I know Jeff Parnell well because he stole the Reputation business from me. He started out in sales after having never been in an internet business and within a year he was trying to hire my techs for clients he was selling for himself behind my back. He then departed with my client database and stole my servers.

He has no techs of his own. Lies on his website about 10 years experience, stole the content of the site and Just takes peoples money with no intention of doing the work.

Jeff Parnell and Steve Smith of RIUDOSO, NEW MEXICO have started no less than 6 failed MLM Scams including Ultimate Choice Travel, Ultimate Match. Ijango, Wejango, and Steve Smith, Jeff Parnell and Rayner Smith were fired from Ampegy for trying to Steal that business and the Data from that company.

Jeff parnell bankrupted Texas Redwood Lumber with his Lavish spending and even got a stimulus check from Obama for 200k after the business was closed and bankrupt. He Cashed that check and spent the money without sharing a dime with creditors.

During the bankruptcy Jeff Parnell took cars including the gold Jeep he drives and cash and hid them from his many creditors.

He also built a Luxuray fishing cabin in the bay near Port Aransas tx with Dr. Bryan Gulley of corpus Christi.

If you have a Business in RIUDOSO, NEW MEXICO or anywhere else and Jeff Parnell is getting close to you . Run or you wont have a business. This guy is not capable of an original thought and will only steal any profitable business he can get his fingers on

Jeff Parnell is Non Stop Spammer who steals anything he can get his greedy fingers on. He operates on many fake names on the internet. If you know of his alias names please post here.,-reputation-management-experts,,,-online-reputation-experts-sucks-2245.html

For current scam info on Jeff Parnell go to



Hahahaha this is the biggest lie I've ever seen.


I have known him personally, and he has ripped his whole family apart from the inside out. The same family that took him in and raised him since grade school. :(


I have met this Scammer in Ruidoso He was drunk at a bar and exactly like what you are saying he was trying to learn about my business.Thanks for the info.

I looked up his name by Googling Jeff Parnell spammer and a lot came up.also Jeff Parnell Scam

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